ProjectNieuwbouw winkels en 8 appartementen Vaals
OpdrachtgeverWoningstichting Vaals
ProgrammaWinkels en 8 appartementen
Ontwerp - uitvoering2013 - 2016
FotografieMathieu Bruls Architect

Most of the enjoyed buildings in the streets of the small town of Vaals, are in a more or less romantic Bourgeois style.
Also, and remarkably many, buildings in the style of the Haagse or Amsterdamse School, brought by architect in the first part of the 20th century, spice up the urban fabric..
We designed this housing block, as part of a new town square, with this historical style in mind.
A style that apparently suits well with contemporary housing logic and building ratio.

bv Mathieu Bruls architect, Maastricht 2016