ProjectNieuwbouw kantoor en woningen, Parklaan, Sittard
LocatieParklaan, Sittard
ProgrammaNieuwbouw kantoor en woningen
Artist impressionMathieu Bruls architect

House in a PocketPark,

As a present, sometimes a future building site welcomes you with a small forest of adult trees.

We immediately enjoyed mother nature, when visiting this plot in the middle of the small town of Sittard.
The location of the cleared, former building thus seems to be the most logic site to erect a new structure, keeping as many trees as possible.

We designed a plinth volume, keenly fitting in this cleared site, with a welcoming glazed entrance fašade and a grand canopy, housing an office space.

This building base is topped by a small housing block; an urban villa, embedded in the small, but beautiful, surrounding park, designed in an evidently Modern architecture of relaxedness, sheer logic and subsequently luxury.

Mathieu Bruls architect, Maastricht 2015