ProjectHerbestemming Gemeentelijke Gasfabriek
Artist impressionMathieu Bruls architect

Imagine the city of Maastricht, home of Tefaf and many exquisite art institutions, will open a new exhibition venue, reaching “L’Impressionniste et le Contemporain”;

Imagine we could collaborate with Quai D’Orsay, to deliver exhibition anchor pieces;

Imagine an abundant industrial monument, the former local Gas-factory, will be transformed into a new sustainable building;

Imagine this building reuse will transform the surrounding area into an attraction site for the arts;

Imagine we would start planning now, with 3 years of funding, 2 years of planning and a grand opening in the year 2024;

Imagine we are ready to begin this project now…

bv Mathieu Bruls architect, Maastricht 2018